Pros And Cons Of Long

Read more on: If you suspect that your husband has been unfaithful, you may wonder what to say to your cheating husband. I fully plan on rereading someday soon (for the fourth time) and writing out full reviews for them. However, despite the fact that many advocate leaving the relationship if your husband has […]

80 Fun Things To Do At Home What To Do When Bored At Home

Read more on: My debut series, Vengeful Love, is full of corruption, angst and hot romance. The vast majority of couples that get married today have had pre-marital sex and have cohabitated. 40% of long distance relationships don’t make it. Not because of the distance, though. Little is known about the meaning of living […]

Why More Couples Are Practicing L.A.T. Living Apart Together!

Read more on: Every year, we update this blog to bring you excellent Valentine’s Day campaign ideas for social media, based on best marketing practices and examples of past successes. Her husband started sleeping over on Saturday nights, so they could have all day Saturday and all day Sunday together. Wives tell me that […]