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occidentale , typically identified as Crimson Thistle or Cobwebby Thistle, in the Santa Monica Mountains. (Whilst California Thistle is occasionally known as Cobwebby Thistle as perfectly, this popular identify is additional very likely to refer to the occidentale range. ) Crimson Thistle usually has a sturdier visual appearance (even bigger stems), redder disk bouquets and additional cobwebby involucres also the size of the disk bouquets is smaller in relation to the involucre in Pink Thistle, and it is extra most likely to expand nearer to the coastline than California Thistle. Common Title: Hedge Nettle. Botanical Identify: Stachys bullata. Plant Kind: Perennial. Habitat: Chaparral, Woodlands, Sage Scrub. Color: Pink. California Hedge Nettle is a very low-growing herb with pink bouquets and crumpled-hunting leaves.

It is rather typical and prefers moist areas with partial shade. The flowers of Hedge Nettle are almost an inch prolonged, pink to lavendar in color, and look in different whorls along an upright stem.

Every of the 6 flowers in a whorl has an higher lip and reduce lip, with the latter becoming considerably more time and speckled with white spots. Even though spring blooming is far more common, bouquets can show up from March to September. Leaves are fairly significant, up to 7 inches very long, and are fragrant with a puckered texture, capabilities it shares with most other mints. The shape of the leaf is oval, a little bit heart-shaped at the base, and with scalloped edges.

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Stems are square and could trail on the ground before spiking upwards. The plant is pretty furry all through and the leaves have a lemony odor when crushed. The genus title Stachys is from a Greek term that translates as “ear of grain” this is intended to refer to the spike condition of the flowering stem. plant identification The species title bullata refers to the crumpled overall look of the leaves.

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The widespread name is a bit of a misnomer, as neither this plant nor the non-indigenous weed Useless Nettle aka Henbit ( Lamium amplexicaule ) are genuine nettles the stinging nettles are in fact in the genus Urtica . Common Title: Common Vervain. Botanical Title: Verbena lasiostachys. Plant Sort: Perennial. Habitat: open up regions, dry or moist. Color: Blue. Common Vervain is a sprawling, a lot-branched plant with purple-to-blue flower spikes punctuating the ends of upright-curving stems. Even though indigenous to our mountains, its sprawling character and ubiquity usually conveys a weed-like effect. It blooms from April to September, seemingly a lot less averse to the dry and scorching summers than most other flowering vegetation in the space. Popular with butterflies and other bugs, the cylindrical purple flower spikes are 3 to ten inches long and less than a 50 %-inch in diameter. These inflorescences are aggregations of tiny personal 5-petaled, 2-lipped flowers, often clustered a limited way down from the tops of the spikes.

The fruit is described as 4 nutlets. Leaves are reverse or whorled alongside stems, up to four inches lengthy and rectangular-ovate with coarsely sawtoothed and/or lobed edges.

Slender, wiry stems guidance the nodding flowers. The plant is bushy througout. The genus name Verbena is an historical Latin name which is mentioned to suggest holy plant (from herba bona or “the excellent herb”. The species title lasiostachys means “possessing woolly flower spikes”. Common Identify: Bush Mallow. Botanical Name: Malacothamnus fasciculatus. Plant Kind: Shrub. Habitat: Chaparral, Coastal Sage Scrub, disturbed soil. Color: Pink. Bush Mallow is a widespread, speedy-increasing shrub with modest pink flowers developing on slender wand-like stems.

It can be found in bloom as late as October, even though it is usually more noticeable in the late spring (commencing in April) and summer time months. Generally these plants will mature in colonies and while the vegetation are fast to set up, they do not constantly are living quite long, often only a 12 months or two. The bouquets of Bush Mallow surface in clusters along the stems. Pink to lavender in shade and cupped in shape, every single flower is about an inch or so in diameter, with five petals and five sepals.