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In the juvenile competition no offensive action can score

Published time:2015-06-05 10:57:00


Boulevard electronic protective gear fatal error - "! Wow even automatically on points.

        In the juvenile competition no offensive action can score

        May 14 began holding six students individual tournament, because the electronic protector system Avenue scoring connection bad, bad signal transmitter electronic protective gear, results did not transfer operator under operating conditions without cause crashes, software errors and poor reception signal, more than 170 software problems and other conflict took place, eventually had to shut down a site to do.
        In this case, starting from the 2nd king taekwondo competition held under the premise of juvenile red younger players have not been attacked, automatically give one player plus a fatal error.
        Stakeholders suggested WTF-recognized electronic protective gear under the premise for the international competition, should pay close attention to develop appropriate measures to resolve this phenomenon.
College league contest, two consecutive days of delay caused by the game situation continue to occur in the third field of electronic protective gear failure. Competition department and by improving the scoring Avenue would want to resolve this failure is but failed eventually shut down this site.
       The next aspect Avenue still could not find the reason, Avenue knowledge representation "may be computer software conflicts and competition caused by the Ministry."
       The bigger question is provided by the Department of the computer competition in the absence of a LAN connection can not solve these problems.
      University league game, before the second game, the operator does not press the start, but the game is automatically the case began; does not enter the case of the fourth sentence; the situation automatically recorded warning; operating position before but forgot to press the start button on the game Automatic start of the case; and 10 seconds to note the occurrence of attack button software conflicts, including human factors, large and small, more than 170 errors occur.
    Plus, in the juvenile taekwondo king game, both players in the absence of offensive and defensive, the occurrence of one player scores automatically the case.
    Avenue aspect of this response was "operator error caused.", But clearly see Taekwondo Korean reporters on the information obtained is non-human factors.
     Park Avenue after the president expressed brace may be because the pressure caused by a short circuit induction coil.
      Students' Union for the accident but the game, did not recognize their own problems, but to try to shift responsibility to the tournament organizers.
       Finally add, they would go back again to find out whether there are technical deficiencies.
       In South Korea Boulevard electronic protective gear several years ago from the site screen display problems began numerous accidents to cause a lot of trouble organizers.
       Finally, from the perspective of the WTF should develop appropriate countermeasures to prevent the progress of the response options affect the game.
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       Boulevard electronic protective gear fatal error - "! Wow even automatically on points."
       Athletes do not actually make offensive moves automatically get 1 point
       The operator of the site more impact response "This is not the first time take place."
       Through the power of the index is set to improve the fairness of the taekwondo competition and the development of electronic protective gear, start using in the international competition for five years since 2009, but small and accidents. In this regard, for most reaction blame product development, and it should be given to a recognized WTF accountability.
        Starting May 2 for three days at the 2014 Gangwon Moon Taekwondo Korean teenager Wang competitions, including for road use electronic protectors 2012 London Olympics and the majority of large-scale events. This should be the next train taekwondo players in the game can not imagine actually happened electronic protective gear error. Both players seek timing attacks by step when one player's score somehow automatically inserted go.
        Former women's high school group bantamweight final second leg not the end, both players in case of the absence of offensive and defensive action Green Party movement scores are automatically added to a point. When this happens, two coaches and referees are not aware of the normal game into the third inning.
       Because Green Party athletes to a big lead, so there is no impact on the outcome of the match. But this is like the event at the Olympic stadium would be what scene? Like this, as deemed not happened before?
     Found an error is field operator. In principle, the site operator does not have the right to contest the suspension or objection. So the operator can only reacting to this situation to the road company site manager. Avenue aspects consistent response is caused by operator error.
     Site accurately reflect the fact that in the match record list. The operator can be based on the pitch the referee's penalty score adjustment, this case does not appear brace force, because they are not hitting brace of points scored.
        Single-game record carefully review found that the automatic power-sharing system records show 20. Watch the video showed the change in value when the large-screen display of the power index 20. The reason given by the company with the whole good avenue inconsistent.
        More surprising is that government officials live Competition Department, said this case is not the first occurrence. Like this accident can be found by the naked eye, but how to do if both players during a very intense offensive and defensive tug of war?
       Even very experienced referee can not determine similar accidents brace. The case and the body parts of the score all dependent on electronic protective gear automatic identification, the linesman can not easily make rebuttal. The game has ended in the end is like the above happened many times can not be quantified.
       2010 and WTF recognized agreement signed after the 2012 Olympic Games for London influential game also uses the avenue basic electronic protective gear. 2014 has been used in the World Junior Taekwondo Championships and Youth Olympic trials in July in Suzhou, China Grand Prix and the Grand Prix Final in December, Mexico will brace with Avenue Electronics.
       By the WTF certified electronic brace for continued international competitions, but this brace has continued incidents in domestic competitions in Korea. Accidents caused by non-operator factor began from May 14 in South Korea full glory at the University Personal Championships, operator actions cause crashes phenomenon, scoring is due to poor communication caused numerous disruptions phenomenon, and finally had Close a venue to compete situation.
        Currently WTF-recognized electronic protectors total Boulevard and KP & P companies. Which many people have expressed appreciation, but also with great expectations. And two of the electronic protective gear characteristics desired to maintain roughly the same features, but it is regrettable that such expectations went down the drain.

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