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Asian Youth Taekwondo / KP & P Mid brace rare attack sub

Published time:2015-04-12 10:55:00


 This Asian Youth Taekwondo tournament using Korean manufacturers KP & P production protective gear, the number of games down, the generally difficult to score in the end the phenomenon of attacks, especially if no heavy spin kick a foot quality, kicked and then a loud voice also to no avail. 

Full Win in Taoyuan last year also adopted KP & P, universal access to coaches praise, think than Daedo, kicking action to really hit, and the force will score enough, Daedo is universal "poke" to have the points.
       But the Asian Youth adopted KP & P style, scoring strict determination mode in operation than full Shihai, Taiwanese players Houguang Wu, yangyaozong are represented, in the end the attack is not easy to score.
        Yangyao Zong said, the final encounter of South Korea's Park Sung-min, in the end, he got a lot of points, but also feel the other side of the road compared to the leg muscles more weight than the general opponents.
        Houguang Wu had the game in the end changed to 360-degree spin kick to grab points, turning action can compensate for relatively lightweight strength shortcoming, in the past period is the traditional protector slim body athlete common moves, but despite Houguang Wu hit, but only sound, electronic protective gear still jump points.
        Teen national team head coach Chen Wei-hsin, the advent of electronic protective gear, to see who the fastest grasp the characteristics of protective gear, the odds are higher than a length, but these are obviously still getting the teenager, especially electronic head protection.
         Chen said a new Iranian players, who first demonstrated the electronic protection adaptability, we can see that they are keen to take the attack to the upper end points, the players in each country, are not a lot of action taekwondo foot skills, but Iran's tactics indeed very efficient.
       Houguang Wu is currently the first used the KP & P and Daedo electronic players to race head protection, head protection, he said electronic Both companies, as there are touch points, but in the end brace Daedo attacks are more scoring opportunities.
Reporter Hong Detective source / Taipei

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