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[Taekwondo] Li Keqiang: Cancel the commercial and mass sports events Approval

Published time:2014-09-03 10:48:00

\Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting

    Deployment accelerate the development of the sports industry to promote sports consumption promoting
public health
        Chinese Premier Li Keqiang 2 September chaired a State Council executive meeting, study and improve
budget management to promote standardized and transparent fiscal revenues and expenditures related
comments, deployment accelerate the development of the sports industry to promote sports consumption
promoting public health conference that the development of the sports industry, increased physical product and
service delivery, both to enhance people's health, protect and improve people's livelihood, to stimulate
consumption and expand domestic demand and employment, and foster new economic growth points, is also
important. To persist in reform and innovation, and greater reliance on market forces, accelerate the
development of the sports industry, the promotion of sports consumption, promoting public health.
       First, we must decentralization, put the tube combination, canceled commercial and mass sports events for
approval, relaxing event broadcast rights restrictions, to maximize corporate "relaxation." Promoting professional
sports reform, encourage the development of professional league, so all kinds of sports resources, "live", the
masses adapt diversified, individualized fitness requirements.
      Second, we must make an inventory, make good use of existing sports facilities, and actively promote public
sports facilities open to the public, at better serving the people while increasing self-operational capability.
Improve taxation, pricing, planning and land policies, and actively support the social forces to set up places for
the mass sports fitness facilities.
      Third, we must optimize the market environment to support sports business grow. Accelerate professional
training. Promote physical fitness and health, culture and other integrated development, to develop sports
tourism, sports rehabilitation and fitness training, sports services. The sports industry people physically strong,
so that the public health consumer help economic and social development.

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