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Sichuan Province, the first event of the forthcoming Twelfth Games

Published time:2014-07-09 15:03:00


Referees are busy training


Game equipment commissioning staff

  Sichuan Province, the first event of the forthcoming Twelfth Games
Taekwondo before the preparation work 
"Cheer for the provincial transport athletes," "Sports make the city vibrant city life because sports thrive" ...... banner fluttering flags fluttering. Ship mountain Stadium on July 8, Sichuan everywhere exudes atmosphere Twelfth Games about to start. Reporters learned that, after careful preparation, Sichuan Province, currently 12th Sports - Taekwondo competitions of the work has been basically completed, only to be July 10 opened the curtain. Currently reception, publicity, transportation and other work has entered the running stage. Competition venues laying and commissioning work has been completed, including training, competitions, audience reception, lounge, media area, athletes sitting areas. 
New central air conditioning, sports flooring to replace, fire facilities and equipment replacement, wall decoration, recently passed 12 after Chuanshan Stadium renovation project, a new look. July 10 will mark the first twelfth, Sichuan Provincial Games competition. Yesterday (8), the reporter walked into the stadium Chuanshan learned that the pre-race preparation work is being carried out. Interview the same day, 34 referees from the province before being "warm up", relevant training preparations. Needed to match the recording equipment is ready and rulings, the staff are doing the final commissioning work. 
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3,500 complimentary tickets 
For the doorstep of the beautiful game, many people are looking forward, I want to walk into the game to experience the joy of stimulating competition and sport. Concern for issues of public concern, the reporter also consulted teaching staff ship mountain sports. According to the staff, the boat mountain hosted taekwondo, badminton, tennis three events for the public viewing areas, making a total of 3500 tickets. People can go to the Board of Education and the ship mountain Chuanshan receive a free gym. Interview, the reporter also learned that, in order to protect the safety of the venue, people enter the stadium to watch the game, but also through the security checkpoint. For example: lighters, smoke and other dangerous goods brought into the stadium ban. (Reporter meters piano)
  Event notice 
Provincial twelve Games weightlifting 
On March 11 home start 
Yesterday, reporters learned in the relevant departments, provincial housing area contractors twelve Games weightlifting and artistic gymnastics will be held in 11th of this month, the 28th opened the curtain. Reporters learned that housing area everything is ready, warm welcome cities and states weightlifting athletes came home. 
It is reported that, in order to ensure that host a "warm, thrift, safe, wonderful, harmonious," the sports event, Anju District will adhere to strict crackdown, intensity rectification age fraud, impersonation and other undesirable phenomena of doping resolutely do to zero tolerance. (Reporter Zeng Xiaomei) 
Chuanshan gymnasium hall furnished 
Show details of the Humanity 
In the first race the provincial transportation venues - Chuanshan Stadium, the reporter found that the transformation of the stadium after full consideration to the movement of the human body ligaments, joints bearing strength, reflecting the human caring 
Came Chuanshan stadium, there is no door, the reporter felt the change Chuanshan Stadium. After two years in the large, multi-project renovation project, now Chuanshan stadium look, it a new look to greet the upcoming tournament. 
Entering the venue, the coolness oncoming. According to the staff, after Chuanshan stadium renovation, new sports flooring full account of the movement in the body's ligaments, joints bearing strength, greatly easing the face of human impact. Moreover, central air conditioning replacement using a freely regulate the outlet wind round hole, both to ensure the venue is cool, but also to ensure that the game has no effect on events conditioned area. 
Details on the renovation project also spared "Kung Fu." After reloading the venue with wooden wall panels made of silk walls, wood wool gap absorption field echo, to achieve good acoustics. Fire protection facilities and equipment can be replaced automatically senses the ignition point of sports venues and active fire fighting, security events in an orderly manner. Professional game with lighting equipment to protect each audience will not miss the game in the stands moments.
  Admission referee early "warm up" 
Game equipment commissioning staff 
"Ready, go!" Interview the same day, from Sichuan Province, the city state's 34 referees, is being carried out pre-training preparation. Competition is about to begin, the referee personally demonstrate standard action, the referee passwords and gestures to explain the process, the field umpire serious exercise, warm atmosphere. Referee emphasized as a good referee should first master the basic knowledge and technology projects. In order to protect the athletes to play and watch the game, the referee must keep judging the fairness of the judging process, stay calm, avoid errors or biased penalty. 
Around the field, the staff computer, cables, and other equipment were dedicated scoring out, assembled debugging. "The device is ready for the game." Field staff told reporters that the current ongoing specific installation professionals to ensure the smooth conduct of the game. 
Look forward to watching the game at home in front 
Zero feel Province Wan style 
"Whether the venue OTC layout, we are in accordance with high standards, international, unique requirements, as far as possible novel characteristic." According to the staff of the site layout introduced Chuanshan stadium during the game and create a positive atmosphere of the game. 
"In the past in order to exercise, practice taekwondo for four years." Chan Wang Kwan Taekwondo soft spot for now Provincial Games taekwondo competition on the door at home, he could not bear to miss out on this. Chan Wang Kwan told reporters, although it can not be competing for the gold medal at the competition venues, but can see the wonderful game, but also a good thing in the gym. Chan Wang Kwan said that time and taekwondo enthusiasts will go to watch the game. 
"Taekwondo against the clock, not to be missed." Xing-Ping Zhou likes college sports, learn taekwondo competition will start on the 10th, he said must have the opportunity to go and see a good game, even more than the mood to watch a concert excited. 
(Reporter meters piano)
News Source: Suining evening edition
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