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Sichuan Provincial Games taekwondo competition

Published time:2014-07-11 14:56:00



To consider the introduction of video technology taekwondo tournament 

The system is connected to four high-definition video recorder, the game can be played back frame-accurate picture
  July 10th, Sichuan Province, the first Twelfth Games taekwondo competitions in a fierce competition, intense competition to allow the audience dizzying. During the race found many attentive audience, sometimes too intense competition being carried out, the referee suddenly kicked two players, gesturing a sign on the suspension after the game, it makes a lot of viewers are puzzled. 
Interview, the reporter learned that, in order to ensure fair competition progresses, this introduces a taekwondo competition similar to "Eagle Eye" in consideration of video playback technology. 
It is understood that the recording function is only considered this one of the functions taekwondo scoring system. The system is connected to four high-definition video recorder, can be accurate to the frame (ie, 1/24 seconds) playback game screen. The system is also used in a number of large domestic and international taekwondo competitions. In order to improve the accuracy of the referee, this competition specially from Hong Kong to introduce the set of scoring by the Hong Kong professional and technical personnel tracking guidance. 
It is reported that in the first day of competition, there are multiple teams considered successful appeal by recording scores. Coaches and athletes participate in the competition are said to consider the introduction of video has greatly improved the discourse of the contestants, is a big step forward in favor of fair and open competition Taekwondo conducted. 
Do not hesitate to seize the opportunity to compete for proactive Points 
Taekwondo competition site 
Yesterday (10) days, after fierce competition, the first day of competition produced a total of four gold medals. The city won the women athletes Pu Yanling B 47-52 kg class gold medal, which is the twelfth time the Games first gold medal in Sichuan Province. Chengdu team athletes won the men's 45 kg class below B, Women's Group 44-49 kg, 48 kg Men's Division the following grade 3 medals.
  Scene one 
15:1 stadium maximum points difference Suining Pu Yanling big score to win 
When Suining team 47-52 kg Pu Yanling athletes playing the game live cheerleaders cheer loudly. After a pre-fixed program, the referee blew the game horn. I saw Pu Yanling not hesitate to seize the opportunity to take the initiative to attack, Ziyang athletes to come to a surprise, feet kicked consecutive opponents torso, get 2 points. Win 蒲艳玲 did not stop the pace attack after the opener, kept in the ring sport find appropriate opportunities. "Play well!" Pu Yanling seize neutral, hit the opponent head, followed by swirling kick in the head again, to make the score 9:0. 
First game just two minutes, Pu Yanling Take skillful artistry big lead. After a short break, after the opening of the second inning, Pu Yanling biting score, using a defensive-oriented style of play, from time to time to attack opponents torso, hitting a wonderful place, auditorium uploaded to thunderous applause appreciated. Final Pu Yanling big score 15:1 lead to end the game. 
Shot two short stature is not critical Mianyang good counter-attack team win in Romania 
On the taekwondo arena, have a crucial impact on the height difference between the results for the race. However, in yesterday's game site, Mianyang Luo good team on their own playing field strength proved short stature is not a problem. Mianyang team members with an appearance in Panzhihua, a viewer said, Panzhihua athletes a greater height advantage, winning the high probability. 
Opening race, Mianyang Luo good team and there is no fear, proactive step by step, one on the come and a beautiful high cross-kick, and grab the opponents weaknesses and sometimes defensive and sometimes offensive. Both sides overtake each other, the game is very intense. When the red square in Panzhihua younger players kick Luo Fang Mianyang good team, the referee did not give a corresponding score. To this end the red side the coach made the video for consideration to the referee. Technical staff by the time the game live recording and a number of the referee's final study, rejected the representations. Finally, the game ends with the score 9:4. Luo good on its own strength to win the game. 
Lens-thirds of Chengdu will fight fierce competition to win the team final 
In the men's 45 kg Group B match in the following stage, Nanchong team Jew Chi Philippines and Chengdu team Hehao Nan showdown. 
This is a breathtaking game, the score is always very tight bite. After the play, a high swirling kick Hehao Nan opponents head, 4 points, 1 point for hitting the trunk again. Nanchong athletes did not back down, at the same time to strengthen the defense, fighting tenaciously, worked hard. Two players with good offensive and defensive capabilities, the game fell into a stalemate, you come to me, both sides score is not high. 
Both sides have 5:3 second inning to end the game. Third inning, Hehao Nan gotta play after play to fierce offensive scored four points. Nanchong team did not give up, and so quickly after breathed against, but fell behind in the opening of the case, the opponent did not give him a chance to regain the score. Eventually, Hehao Nan to 13:6 obtain final tickets
Scoring for this event using the "AUTO latest Taekwondo wireless dual-use scoring and video systems for consideration."
News Source: Suining News   Editor: Wang Wei

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