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Hainan public Taekwondo Championships

Published time:2014-07-29 14:50:00


More than 10 countries and over 700 players started the exciting and professional competition in the sport center of Macau, The game is branded as the professional, efficient and smooth.


Children's groups Taekwondo Poomsae competition scene. Reporter Lam Chi Meng photo    

July 26 morning, the three-day grand Hainan public Taekwondo Championships start in Yuhai International Hotel Sanya Bay, there were from Sanya, Haikou, oriental, Lingshui, Wanning, Wenchang, Qionghai and other cities and counties in 13 teams, nearly 500 people attended the game.
The tournament to "exercise every day for an hour, healthy and happy life" as the theme, so that players learn skills from each other at the same time they can keep fit. Competition has Taekwondo Poomsae athletics and taekwondo two projects, the group of infants, children groups, children's groups, youth groups, youth groups in five catego
It is understood that this competition is the largest number of participants since the previous one, Sanya also sent two teams to participate in the contest. 
Children get first prize in Sanya Jia Qi Hui Sum Taekwondo athletes pleased to tell reporters: "won the first prize indeed very happy to be a daily basis because of their
Training for an hour, taekwondo learned a lot not only to themselves, but also to keep fit. "
Zhang Keguo Taekwondo Association president, said Sanya, Sanya The total sent two teams of more than 90 athletes, for this game we specifically requested an athletics coach and Poomsae coach, we should say this is quite ready sufficient. 
Taekwondo Association from Shenzhen Exhibition referee Liu told reporters that this is the first time he was invited to Sanya long as the match referee. "While still in the development of Hainan taekwondo among children is high but enthusiasm and passion, hope to hold more events like this allow them to Wuhui in the game continues to grow." 
According Zhang Keguo introduction, August 8 to 11 will be held in Taekwondo event of nearly two thousand people from across the gymnasium in Sanya.
The tournament scoring is used to "AUTO latest wireless dual-use taekwondo scoring system."
Source: Daily Sanya Lam Chi Meng(Editor: it was square, Jiang Cheng Liu)

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