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Opening the third strait Taekwondo Competition

Published time:2014-08-06 14:26:00


Chinese Pingtan Network (Reporter Shi Nuoyi trainee reporter Yang Bosi) yesterday, the third cross-strait exchanges taekwondo competition at the grand opening of Pingtan, 794 taekwondo athletes from across the Taiwan Strait Qi Julan Island, on the same stage to exchange skills. 

Day of the race is scheduled to start at 10:00, the project is mainly for personal Poomsae competition in each category. In the competition area, eight players majestic, full gas field. The group is the first group of children to start, although they very young, but playing Shique very cool. As the executive shouted instructions in Korean, the players on the site began playing the taekwondo uniform Tai Chi chapters, lunge, parry, plate elbow, playing kick the perfect stamp to such action until the end. Three judges sat verdict immediately. 
The competition is organized by Fujian Provincial Sports Bureau and Pingtan comprehensive experimental zone management committee organized by Fujian Provincial Sports Bureau Deputy Inspector Gan Optical, China chairman Li Zhuanjie global Chinese Taekwondo Association, attended the opening ceremony. 
The game will continue for two days, gathering a total of 51 teams, there are 794 taekwondo athletes to participate in the competition. Which Taiwan has seven teams of 78 people participating; continent have 44 teams of 716 people participating. The contest has invited 36 judges, including two world-class referee, national referees 3. 
It is reported that this competition set Poomsae, athletics, nunchakus, taekwondo dance, stunts, break six projects. The game will be decided at the individual product potential and other personal items, group items Gold, Silver each one, Bronze 2. As well as evaluation of the "Gold King of Kings," "total body" and product potential, competitive "Best Technology Award" and the "Sportsmanship Award" and other awards. 
Taekwondo is one carries deep cultural orthodoxy sport. Since cross-strait exchanges taekwondo competition held to further promote sports exchanges between Fujian and Taiwan. The third cross-strait exchanges

Taekwondo Competition "benevolence" as the theme, Jen monasticism, exchanges, and jointly promote the sport of cross-strait cultural exchanges to develop in depth.

The tournament scoring is used to "AUTO latest dual-use wireless taekwondo scoring system
 Source: China Pingtan Network Editor: Zhang Haiyan

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