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Judo Scoring System

Judo Scoring System Actual site display:

•    Judo scoring system can be a TV, projector, or LCD display both players team name, name, score,warning, points, game time, screenings and other information;
•    Through an online application, allowing multiple sites simultaneously competition, to ensure the smooth progress of each venue;
Judo Scoring System District Race Course layout:
•    For the latest international judo competition rules;
•    In line with the changes in the rules of judo competition, we also offer corresponding rule updates and system fine-tuning services.
Judo scoring system main menu:

Key Features and Benefits:  
•    Software support win Xp, win 7, win8 systems;
•    System is easy to use, without professional knowledge, you can learn within five minutes;
•    Referees scoring status can be public or shield;
•    Players can always check Score detail;
•    With multi-site real-time monitoring interface, the server can be viewed live games each site;
•    Support inspection record system 


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