The most advanced and Stable wireless Scoring Management System
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         Hong Kong Automation Solution Consultant Limited which was established in 1997. The company is dedicated to Taekwondo Products of software and hardware, such as the Auto Taekwondo Scoring System , Taekwondo Membership System, Automation Scheduling System and the provider  of Poomsae System.

        The Auto Taekwondo Scoring System is fit to Teakwondo Association , Taekwondo School, Taekwondo Do jo, Taekwono Club and a series of Taekwondo sport system. It promotes the development of the taekwondo item, makes the game scoring more justice, the results more accurate and the training more professional.
        Auto Taekwondo scoring system through rigorous testing and previous number of major events, owns 100% stable system operation records. Auto Taekwondo scoring systems are used for 90% of the large Hong Kong Taekwondo tournament, and was invited to participate in the 2009 East Asian Games taekwondo
competition of IT support work, while Auto Taekwondo scoring system is also used in the provincial games, gold Cup, students Taekwondo tournament, youth taekwondo competitions, the event supports a rich experience! As long as you need, we can do for you!
        Our aim is to use high-quality products to win your trust, to provide you with a more professional, more justice, more scientific and more authoritative taekwondo game.
Our strength:
  Provide you with a more professional, more justice, more authoritative tournament scoring system;
◆  Let the referee be able to operate it with proficiency in 5 minutes;
  provide support services to the scene to ensure the smooth progress of each drinking places can match

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