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Membership Management System

           Auto Taekwondo Member Management System is a professional Taekwondo management software system for all kinds of Taekwondo industry needs a detailed analysis, according to the Taekwondo Hall of daily work processes specifically designed to meet members of Taekwondo club business process management, management fees, the coach managed a variety of management requirements, both for all daily operations, but also provides a powerful reporting analysis, in order to facilitate user decision analysis. The implementation of the system applications can greatly enhance Taekwondo grade of service quality and management, and Taekwondo daily operation and management based on information technology play a role in promoting overall.
More secure and stable data stored locally;

     Membership management software for all data stored in their computers against viruses, hackers and other foreign invaders, to prevent data leakage, more secure, more stable data protection;
Clarity of the interface mode, allowing the operator handy;      
           Interface design at a glance, you can log on immediately after the function you want to use, simple and flexible, allowing you more handy for the overall management;

Can be used to fingerprint, card two kinds of power;
             Software uses the latest hardware support technology that can support the current common use of fingerprints and two kinds of punch card machines, also provides a / admission punch card and on / class punch card functionality, easier to use according to your needs;

Use of "personal phone card" to "bulk SMS software", more flexible control costs;
             When the school and after-school software students can mass text messages to parents, and the use of a personal connection management software to send phone cards, cell phone text messaging charges and the cost of the same;

The chart shows the form of detailed assessment report;
To show clear what the member should improve.;
Super practical course management functions;
Course management: 1. To see how much each coach is responsible for courses;
                                    2. View all courses registration time, start time and related costs;

Print "student awards" and "coach certificates of appointment";
          Sub-member awards and coaching awards certificates of appointment types, a variety of needs can choose the style awards,
members can also add multiple awards;

Advanced science and classification of the group model, a more flexible analysis of data on demand;
                   Group classification model is the latest and most advanced science and classification, the biggest feature is that you can clear the demand for free to view data by individual situation, new trends in statistical methods, the user's Gospel;

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